Holiday Figures- 3D Printed

Holiday Figures- 3D Printed


Our polar bears are out and about looking for a place to have some fun in your home. Each item is 3D printed and hand painted so no two are alike.


Kate measure about 3.25" tall

Garrett, Sam, Bill measure about 3.5" tall 

Marissa, Natile, Joann measure about 5" tall

Jacob measure about 4" tall

Jayson measure about  3.5" tall

Elizabeth measure about  3" tall

Jennifer, Anita, Nancy measure about 3" tall 

Teddy measure about  4" tall

Michelle, Charolette, Britnay measure about 3" tall

Gino, Lj, Aysen measure about 3.75" tall

Eric, Tim, Dylanmeasure about 3.5" tall

Matty, Fin, Kellenmeasure about 4.5" tall

Lucy and Ethel measure about 6" tall

Marty, Brian, Ryan measure about 3.25" tall



    All items are final sale- if item comes damage please let us know right away so we can work to make it right. 


    All item ship USPS

    Ready to ship- Ship within 7 days of cleared payment.

    Made to order- Ship within 14 days of cleared payment.

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  • 3D Printing Info

    Our 3D items are printed in the USA using PLA (PolyLactic Acid) Plastic; A plant based environmentally friendly material.

    ** colors depicted in photos may vary due to lighting and manufacturing color variations in PLA